Duration: 87'

Release Year: 2016

Country: Germany

Directors: Marcel Seehuber and Moritz Springer

Production: Port-Au-Prince

Recent screenings

Berlin Mov(i)e-Activism (Germany, 2017)

Lecko Mio Festival (Germany, 2017)

Jugge Open Air (Germany, 2017)

About the Movie

Project A is a sequence of anarchists and anarchistic projects. By doing so, this movie aims to break stereotypes related to the term anarchy. Secondly, it draws attention to visions and proposes solutions that could lead to a society based on anarchism. And finally, it encourages dialogues and discussions that could favour the process.

Poster of the activist documentary film Projekt A

The documentary presents projects that can serve as examples for a different society – organised horizontally, autonomously, and without dominating powers. Based on Horst Stowasser’s book Anarchie!  Idee – Geschichte – Perspektive, it explores recent projects around Europe, while at the same time presents the basic theoretical notions of anarchism. Yet these are not just theoretical examples, but living and kicking practices – a part of a huge worldwide activist network.

The number of persons that don’t accept the system we are living in and that organise among themselves to work toward realising a valid alternative model is growing. This documentary film shows how individuals form such collectives and what some options may be. Furthermore, it shows how apparently unrelated and different actions can all aim towards a common goal – the realisation of an anarchistic society.


Some of the groups the film portrays are the International Anarchist Convention in St. Imier; the Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT) in Barcelona; Parko Navarinou in Athens; Cooperativa Integral Catalana (CIC) in Barcelona. These groups act independently and are miles away from each other, yet the movie shows how their activities are complementary in their goals.

However, the movie focusses on individuals as the basis of every group. In fact, part of it is dedicated to Hanna Poddig, an activist that fights against militarism and nuclear power. The movie is following the activist while in action to stop a railway line used for nuclear transport through Hamburg.

Nevertheless, there are more individuals and groups that are part of the plot. Project A presents a great variety of perspectives and practical experiences, faithfully recreating the heterogeneous image of anarchy, which is based on individuality and collectivism simultaneously.