Duration: 72'

Year of release: 2015

Country: Croatia

Directors: Marta Batinić, Sanja Kapidžić, Ana Jurčić

Production: Filmaktiv

About the movie

Plenumovie is a documentary film that talks about problems related to the commercialization of higher education in Croatia. Furthermore, it opens some very interesting points about the Croatian education politics in general. This film presents specific issues through reflections on the major blockade of the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka in 2009. Such blockade followed the massive protests that started in the capital city, Zagreb, in 2008, which was the biggest student mobilisation ever since the creation of the state of Croatia.

However, apart from documenting episodes inside the education system, the film itself is a sort of "Bildungsdocumentary" where the protagonist whose creation and evolution we follow is an entire student movement. Moreover, the movie interweaves archive footage and contemporary interviews to create a dialogue through time. In fact, the participants of the movement communicate from different time perspectives that changed over years. These participants and the movement itself are shown in different phases, from the enthusiastic start, through hard realities and, finally, to the aftermath. By recalling those days, our protagonists offer us a fuller picture of the events and a deeper understanding of the movement.

Throughout the movie, the protagonists talk about free education, solidarity, student activism, the role of the individual in the society, and the possibility to change the dominant paradigm of money as the only measure of success. Finally, the movie poses the question whether there are any grounds today for an active sociopolitical engagement of students.

Plenumovie aims to open a dialogue about the future of higher education and the role of students in it. Therefore, we hope that by screening the movie on the Berlin edition of the Documentary Film Festival Mov(i)e Activism we can broaden its audience and the number of participants to this dialogue.


Rijeka Mov(i)e Activism (Croatia, 2016)

Festival Novih (Croatia, 2015)