Duration: 20'

Release Year: 2015

Country: Italy

Directors: Noemi Pulvirenti

Production: El Garaje


Berlin Mov(i)e Activism (Germany, 2017)

Visioni Italiane Bologna (Italy, 2016)

Pazmany Film Festival Budapest (Hungary, 2016)

Un documentario per ricordare (Italy, 2016)

Cortosplash (Italy, 2016)

Norwich Radical Film Festival Norwich (UK, 2016)

Interfilm (Germany, 2016)

ASFF (Italy, 2016)

G Awards (Italy, 2016)

Sedici corto (Italy, 2016)

Catone Film Festival (Italy, 2016)

Kragujevac Mov(i)e Activism (Serbia, 2016)


1st place at Un Documentario per Ricordare

3rd place at Pazmany Film Festival, Budapest

About the movie

It Happened in the City is a pleasant intimate talk with Luciano Nadalini, a long-time photographer from Bologna. Luciano has been around during the turmoils in The Red One (how Bologna is commonly nicknamed apart from The Learned One and The Fat One) ever since the protests of '68.

The beginnings

He worked as an electronic technician and took part in workers cultural and political movements at that time. Yet his curiosity and passion for photography set in front of him a different life path. First of all, he started documenting the evolution of local youth movements with his camera, but soon he was covering all major events in Bologna. As the matter of fact, he was there at the time of the infamous G8 Summit, but also during the '68 and '77 protests that influenced entire generations.

Becoming a professional

While his pictures have been very important documents from the very beginning, he started working as a journalist only in 1987. Before that, he was more or less a hobbyist with a big passion for photography and sympathy for the youth social movements. As a result of the repression of workers rights in the region, Luciano decided to quit his job as an electronic technician and start a career as a photographer. But only after a period of occasional collaborations with two of the most important newspapers in Italy, L'Unità and La Repubblica, he decided to work for the former one - the most influential leftist newspaper, founded by Antonio Gramsci.

A homage to the trade

In conclusion, this documentary film tells the story of how Luciano became the photographer he is today, but also of what doing his job really means. Although persons behind cameras are often ignored or forgotten, they are actually the medium between the events and the public. Therefore, as a celebration of his works, the author uses a series of Luciano's pictures as a background of almost the entire movie, while the photographer presents his interpretations of the tragic events related to the train 904, the executions attributed to the gang Banda della Uno bianca (name derived from the white Fiat Uno that was used in some of the actions), as well as many other protests and actions that occurred in Bologna in over 50 years.