Duration: 8'

Release Year: 2014

Country: Slovenia

Directors: Sasha Ihnatovich

Production: Luksuz Produkcija

About the director

Sasha Ihnatovich is exactly the type of directors this movie festival has been created for. She is a media activist whose films present alternative social movements and variety of social topics. Her creativity comes to light also in the title of the movie, which in the original language poses the word food (Slovenian: hrana) with reversed term anarh.

Other works

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About the movie

Food Anarchy is a panoramic of some of the many anarchistic actions and collectives in the capital of Slovenia - Ljubljana. With its rich anarchistic scene, Ljubljana became one of the most important centres in the region and, therefore, significant initiatives like Food Not Bombs and urban gardening couldn't miss.

Since buyers often leave behind food with some aesthetic imperfections that are equally tasty and good as other products, a group of individuals goes around the town and collects the food that wasn't sold. It happens also that merchants offer some products as a sign of support, which helps to create a self-sustainable network. The group then gather and cook meals that they share for free. It is both a solidarity action and an opposition against monopolised and mass production of food, politics related to the food industry, consumers' irresponsible behaviour, unjust food distribution, wars and capitalism in general.

The second part of the movie shows how anarchists in the capital can organise themselves and produce food autonomously and collectively. The director visits the urban garden in which individuals built their own farm and created a strong community. The importance of that movie for the region is that it shows that even in cities self-production and sustainability are realistic options.