Duration: 15'

Release Year: 2015

Country: Serbia

Directors: Branko Kajiš

Production: Fondacija Fon B92

About the movie

Fighter Against It is a film about a young person that declares legal war to a City sort to say. When only 14, Filip Vukša started writing complaints about irregularities he encountered on the streets of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Over time, the number of these formal complaints grew bigger and people started noticing his activities. Things started to change, but politicians decided to strike back to get rid of the improvised advocate of the community.

It may seem that the protagonist is one of those persons that have nothing to do besides complaining about everything. It could be the case especially if you are someone who could do something, but you avoid it. However, the protagonist is simply making sure that local authorities invest the money citizens are giving them through taxes and co. into public works.

It often happens that local authorities, in the shadow of bigger political games, neglect the needs of common citizens and invest public money (or forward it in more or less legal ways) in other things. Wasting resources on political charades and futile squabbling over religious and cultural differences have been a matter of course in the Balkan region for a long time. Therefore, small practical details that could improve life quality in the area are often neglected.

The protagonist recognised the lack of interest of authorities in Belgrade and decided to take care of the problem. He hasn’t started fixing things around, but rather forcing the City to keep its promises and do its duties. The documentary shows how this young activist keeps his fight going and what are his motives, strategies, and resources.


Berlin Documentary Film Festival Mov(i)e Activism 2017

Rijeka Documentary Film Festival Mov(i)e Activism 2016