About the movie

Are unpaid internships a fair practice? Are experience and personal growth valuable leverages that could compensate for the lack of a salary, when it comes to entering the labour market? What are the problems young people must face when accepting an unpaid internship? Is this phenomenon followed by private and public companies a cause of inequality?

Call Me Intern poses these questions and document three different stories of young professionals who had to deal with unpaid internships. Everything starts with a brilliant act of guerrilla filmmaking. David and Nathalie want to analyse the system from within, so they start compulsively applying for unpaid internships. Finally, David is accepted by the United Nations and moves to Geneva, without money nor accommodation. A blue tent on the river and the paradoxes emerging from the experience in this well-known organisation turn out to be sufficient reasons to attract media’s attention and emphasise the problem of unpaid jobs.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Maria pursue their dreams in New York City. The first with an unpaid internship at Warner Music, the second interns for Obama’s re-election campaign. Each of these interns will face a number of frustrating obstacles, but their tenacity gives strength to a growing intern movement across the world.


Duration: 70'

Release Year: 2019

Country: New Zealand

Directors: Nathalie Berger & Leo David Hyde

Production: Collective Bievre