Duration: 36'

Year of release: 2014

Country: Portugal/Spain

Directors: Cristina Cascales and Javier Hedrosa

Production: Prevención Producción

About the movie

All Aboard! is the debut documentary film of the duo Cristina Cascales and Javier Hedrosa. It’s an objective presentation of everyday joys and struggles of a group of students in one of the Coimbran Repúblicas. As the movie explains, the Repúblicas are houses shared by self-organised student communities.

Since the director himself had been a member of one of these groups, he experienced the life inside a República first-hand. His personal connection and experience gave him the opportunity to peek into the Republic Prá Kys Tão in such a genuine way. The members of the community share with the viewer the functional and dysfunctional moments of the group, their positive and negative experiences, as well as different aspects of communal living. The movie depicts a wide array of funny and serious situations while following routines and common practices of its inhabitants.

Members of Prá Kys Tão describe with a colourful spectrum of contradictory yet complementary epithets what this community means to them. At the same time, it is past, myth, legacy, identity, but also humidity, rain or fleas. Besides, it is a place for development, personal discovery, and creation of an autonomous community, which also includes crisis and conflicts.

Finally, it is exactly in shading light on these contradictions where the real importance and potential of the movie reside. It can easily be an inspiration in some cases while a lesson to learn in others.

So, all aboard! The movie is about to be screened on the documentary film festival Mov(i)e Activism!


Additional info

The reception of the viewers on the Valencian edition of the festival Mov(i)e Activism was excellent. After the movie there was a discussion with the director and the public showed a big interest in the topic. Therefore,  it was a great success both for the movie and the festival. It brought the event a step closer to its primary goal – creating a dialogue among people interested in improving the society we live in and to create a network of activists.