About the movie

With Acha Acha Cucaracha: Cucaño strikes again we are jumping back to a time of repression and cruel dictatorship in Argentina. It was the time of Jorge Rafael Videla, who came to power in a coup d’état in 1976 and commanded the military regime until 1981. It is during this dark period that a collective of very young experimental artists arises in Rosario.

The group evolves from the spontaneous performances of their beginnings to well-structured actions that are going in the direction of shocking people and shaking their minds. Cucaño’s art embraces and mixes theatre, music, illustrations, graphics and many other forms of communication. The street is their natural stage, where the audience becomes an actor without even realizing it.

Cucaño was questioning all social and political values and norms while paying attention to avoiding direct criticism of the dictatorship. Especially for this ability, the group was able to go on with its activities and spread their subversive art not only in Argentina but also in other South-American countries like Brazil, through the remarkable exercise of conveying political messages without being explicitly political.

In this documentary, director Mario Piazza catches the enthusiasm of those early years and the vivid spirit of Cucaño’s collective through the narrations of the very protagonists, showing how meaningful that experience is for the present and how the collective still performs great actions of cultural resistance.


Duration: 75'

Release Year: 2017

Country: Argentina

Director: Mario Piazza

Production: Marìa Langhi