Berlin Mov(i)e Activism '19 | 2–4 May


Thursday | 2 May 2019

19:00 - Doors open

20:00 - CALL ME INTERN | 70min | Nathalie Berger | New Zealand
+ Q&A session with the directors and protagonist of the film


Friday | 3 May 2019

19:00 - Doors open

20:00 - CONCRETE SOLDIERS UK | 63min | Nikita Woolfe | United Kingdom
+ Q&A session with the director and discussion


Saturday | 4 May 2019

17:00 - Doors open

18:00 - ACHA ACHA CUCARACHA | 75min | Mario Piazza | Argentina
+ Q&A session with one of the protagonists of the film

19:45 - Dinner break

20:45 - BLUE HEART | 45min | Britton Caillouette | USA
+ Q&A session with the project manager

+ Side program

2-4 May 2019 | Festival location

Photography exhibition by Dijana Zadro

***As on every Mov(i)e Activism event, the entrance is free of charge. Donations are very welcomed since the whole project is completely independent and organised solely by volunteers. These are used for operating expenses only.***

***All films will be screened in the original language with English subtitles.***


10179 Berlin (Germany)
Next to Teepeeland

With a richer program than ever before

It is finally time to announce the new edition of Berlin Mov(i)e Activism that we all have been waiting so impatiently. After closing the first season and organising an incredible centrepiece for the second one, the Berlin team is ready to open the 3rd International Documentary Film Festival Mov(i)e Activism this year.

The event will follow the International Workers' Day and in some instances will continue the discourse of the occasion. During the three days of the festival, you will be able to watch a diverse selection of documentaries from the 2019 official pool, dealing with the topics of unpaid work, gentrification, artistic activism, environmental protection and many others.

We can now also proudly disclose that international guests will be present on each day of the festival. Thanks to the generous donations gathered on the previous edition, the crew managed to invite directors and activists who will join for Q&A sessions and discussions to dive deeper into the topics covered in the films with you. Furthermore, you will be able to visit a special photography exhibition that will give a new dimension to the festival.

Therefore, affirmed and aspiring filmmakers, film lovers and specialists, activists, supporters, and curious people, you are all welcome to join us once again on our beautiful festival location.