Documentary feature films

Call Me Intern by Nathalie Berger

Concrete Soldiers UK by Nikita Woolfe

Acha Acha Cucaracha: Cucaño strikes again by Mario Piazza

Flying by Bertha Gaztelumendi

We are with Dr. KC by Gopal Shivakoti

Documentary short films

Just a Gaggle by Victoria Francker

Tayo Tayo by Patrick Chadwick

Tupinamba Lambido by Lucas Parente

Special selection

Blue Heart by Britton Caillouette

Upcoming events

Berlin Mov(i)e Activism '19 | 2-4 May

Concrete Soldiers UK @ Cafe Cralle | Berlin | 27 April

Additional information

More details about selected movies and information about single festival locations will be available soon. All dates and venues of our documentary film festival will be published on these pages along with latest news about the events.


Both feature and short films from the list above are part of the pool of movies for Mov(i)e Activism '19. It might happen that not all of these movies will be screened at the festival though. Local teams will choose which films to screen at their own events according to the topics of importance for their community. Nevertheless, promotional side events will take place during the season, and some of the movies that won't be screened at the festival might be of interest to the organising teams of such events. We will contact the submitters to ask for screening permission in such cases. To learn more about our selection process, please visit our application rules section.