Festival events

RIGA (Latvia): 09, 11, 16, 18 & 23 January 2018

BOLOGNA (Italy): 3 May 2018

BERLIN (Germany): 3 to 5 May 2018

RIJEKA (Croatia): 18 May 2018

KRALJEVO (Serbia): Summer 2018

BANJA LUKA (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Summer 2018

UMAG (Croatia): Summer 2018



COIMBRA (Portugal)


Both feature and short films from the list above are part of the pool of movies for Mov(i)e Activism 2017/2018. It might happen that not all of these movies will be screened at the festival though. Local teams will choose which films to screen at their own events according to the topics of importance for their community. Nevertheless, promotional side events will take place during the season, and some of the movies that won't be screened at the festival might be of interest to the organising teams of such events. We will contact the submitters to ask for screening permission in such cases. To learn more about our selection process, please visit our application rules section.

Additional information

More details about selected movies and information about single festival locations will be available soon. All dates and venues of our documentary film festival will be published on these pages along with latest news about the events.

Documentary feature films

Left on Pearl by Susan Rivo

Red Lands by David Fratini

Red Lives by Claudio Carbone

Santa Fiesta by Miguel Rolland

Save Gangamaya by Gopal Shivakoti

Strike A Rock by Aliki Saragas

The Activists by Michael Heaney

Documentary short films

A Drive Through Ciudad Juárez by Daniela Martin

Beyond Aporia by Cladinè Curreli

Skeikima by Raquel Larrosa, María Alonso and Lucía Callén

Stopping La Colosa by Hanna Thiesing

Special selection

Kung Fu Grandma by Jeong-One Park

Peace Agency by Sue Useem

The Factory is Ours! by Vedrana Pribačić

The Opposite of Gray by Matthias Coers