Special program on the first day of the festival

A guided tour through the Spreefeld common spaces will mark the beginning of the first edition of the Berlin Documentary Film Festival Mov(i)e Activism. It will take place on 13 July, at 20:00. One of the members of the co-op housing project will talk about the history and the idea behind Spreefeld, as well as try to answer any question regarding the topic. It is an occasion to discuss ahousing crisis in Berlin and gentrification problems while valuing an alternative to traditional housing concepts.

Dates: 13-15 July 2017

Location: Bootshaus


Thursday, 13/07/2017 | 20:30

All Aboard! (Portugal/Spain)

36 min | Portuguese with English subtitles

Praxis (Portugal)

30 min | Portuguese with English subtitles

Plenumovie (Croatia)

72 min | Croatian with English subtitles

***Q/A session with Zlatko Topić***


Friday, 14/07/2017 | 20:30

Fighter Against It (Serbia)

15 min | Serbian with English subtitles

It Happened in the City (Italy)

20 min | Italian with English subtitles

Tito on Ice (Germany/Sweden)

76 min | English

***Q/A session with Helena Ahonen***


Saturday, 15/07/2017 | 20:30

Food Anarchy (Slovenia)

8 min | Slovenian with English subtitles

In the City (Italy)

46 min | Italian with English subtitles

Project A (Germany)

87 min | Multilingual with English subtitles

Spreefeld Genossenschaft
Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 14
Berlin (Germany)

Q/A Sessions and discussions

Day 1

After the screening of the last documentary - Plenumovie - there will be a Q/A session with Zlatko Topić. Zlatko participated in the student protests in Rijeka in 2009, which is also the topic of the movie. He will share his experience and views on the related issues, but also answer questions about the movement in more general terms.

Day 2

To conclude the second day of our documentary film festival in Berlin, Helena Ahonen, one of the directors of Tito ob Ice will talk about the movie and answer questions about its ideation and realisation. 

Apart from the scheduled Q/A sessions, open debates after movies will be very welcomed. Also, some additional events may be added ad hoc, so follow our Facebook festival page.

Cold drinks and freshly prepared popcorn will be waiting for you.