Season 2018

Three new locations entered the family for the season 2017/2018; the second season of the festival.

Editions of the season 2018

Riga Mov(i)e Activism 2018

Berlin Mov(i)e Activism 2018

Bologna Mov(i)e Activism 2018

Rijeka Mov(i)e Activism 2018

Banja Luka Mov(i)e Activism 2018

Season 2016/2017

The International Activist Documentary Film Festival Mov(i)e Activism started in 2016 in Kragujevac, Serbia. It started with the intent to promote activism among the local youth population but it soon evolved into something much bigger. However, the initial idea is still the same: to exchange practical experience on an international level among activists, to act and to improve life quality and society.

Editions of the season 2016/2017

Kragujevac Mov(i)e Activism 2016

Coimbra Mov(i)e Activism 2016

Rijeka Mov(i)e Activism 2016

Valencia Mov(i)e Activism 2017

Berlin Mov(i)e Activism 2017