General rules:

All screeners must be submitted via FilmFreeway and passwords must be set to protect them. No hard copy needed.

The submission deadline will be set for each season of the festival and the details will be published both on this site and on FilmFreeway.

Only authors (filmmakers, producers or film schools) of original movies may apply. Screeners should not be available for public view via online stream services.

All movies that are related to the main topic of the film festival will be considered, while movies that are not related to activism can't be considered under any circumstances.

Once a screener has been submitted for participation it cannot be withdrawn.

The number of screeners that may be submitted is unlimited. The date of production is not a decisive factor.

The materials submitted must be either in English or accompanied by English subtitles.

Applicants that submit materials to Mov(i)e Activism via FilmFreeway warrants all required legal authorisations to use all the music, images, videos and texts contained in the materials.


Organising groups will judge the participating movies independently. Different locations of the film festival will present separately selected movies. Each organisation participating in this project is responsible for the event on its own location and will judge the screeners independently from other organisations.

Screeners selected for one location may not be selected for others.

The organisers will inform the authors about the eventual selection of their movie for each location separately.


The winners of the festival will be selected by the audience for each location separately. The selected movies will be awarded a special mention from the organisation.

The awards categories are:

Best Documentary Short Film (less than 30 minutes)
Best Documentary Feature Film (30 minutes or more)