The beginnings of the film festival Mov(i)e Activism

Mov(i)e Activism is a documentary film festival that focuses on activist movies from different backgrounds and locations. The project started in 2016 in Serbia – more specifically in Kragujevac. This city is the third most important university centre in Serbia, with 16,000 students enrolled. The overall youth population amounts to 34,000, which is 18% of the total number of citizens of Kragujevac. Nevertheless, only a small part of the youth population participates actively in the society – less than 1% to be precise.

This percentage has been growing in the last years, but new challenges arise on every step. To help this process, a group of young people decided to promote activism through cinematography and by doing so to stimulate the involvement of the population.

As a result, the International Activist Documentary Film Festival Mov(i)e Activism was born. The group behind it wanted to address problems that concern young activists and society in general.  The goal was to present these to the citizens, local activists, and the authorities, and help to overcome these by exchanging experiences on an international level. Furthermore, besides this main goal, the festival aims to establish intercultural cooperation and citizenship among people from different parts of the world.

Evolution towards the actual International Activist Documentary Film Festival

Mov(i)e Activism soon started to show its potential and the project took a new route. Activists from different parts started to show interest in participating and even organising such festival in their own cities. Soon thereafter, organising teams from Croatia, Portugal and Spain joined the project and the festival multiplied its initial impact. Getting together and helping each other seemed perfectly natural – as a spontaneous evolution of the initial idea.

The first edition of the nomadic DIY film festival visited five different locations in 2016 and 2017. Berlin (Germany), Coimbra (Portugal), Kragujevac (Serbia), Rijeka (Croatia), and Valencia (Spain) screened more than 30 activist documentaries.

Our hope is to create an important international network of video activists that would be able to inspire. Engagement into decisional processes, improvement of the quality of life in one’s community, and harmonious coexistence – these are the most important metrics of success for the festival.

How the International Activist Documentary Film Festival Mov(i)e Activism works

The organisers gather movies mainly using FIlmFreeway, where individuals or groups of authors may submit their works. After the application period finishes, organising members vote on the films to select the ones that suite the festival concept. Then, from the pool of selected movies, local organisation groups pick the ones to screen in their own city independently from other groups. Organisers may select additional films outside the competition too. To learn more about the selection process and how to submit your film, visit our application rules section.

Awards and prizes will be decided upon separately by each group. There is the common distinction of two categories, which are documentary short films and documentary feature films. Also, the fact that there are no tickets for the screenings is something all the locations have in common. This way, we hope to involve as many people as possible and show that much can be done with good will and passion solely.

 Visit our news page to stay up to date with the festival events.