A busy May for the Mov(i)e Activism teams

Audience at screening on Documentary Film Festival Berlin Mov(i)e Activism 2018The month of May keeps bringing some amazing events this year. Bologna and Berlin – two of the nine locations of the Documentary Film Festival Mov(i)e Activism 2018 – brought together the most colourful pallet of topics, personalities, organisations and experiences. But that's not all, because Rijeka will too unfold the canvas and turn on the beamer in this month. The Croatian edition of Mov(i)e Activism will take place in the well-known Filodrammatica on the 18 May. One of the films will be The Factory is Ours!, which conquered the hearts of the audience in Berlin – but we will write more about it in this article. You can find the full program of Rijeka Mov(i)e Activism here.

The event in Bologna – held on 3 May in the Xm24 – has been truly a success for the Mov(i)e Activism family. The first Italian edition of the festival has attracted the attention of a numerous audience thanks to the great organisation job done by Noemi and the interesting interventions of the guests that took place throughout the evening. At the Xm24, a self-managed public space that has existed for over 15 years and where many different realities still continue to converge, grow and educate, the screening room was full of people. The guests of Bologna Mov(i)e Activism 2018 were greeted with a benefit dinner for a local yoga group of Xm24 and the food market.

All four movies of the program were appreciated by the audience and the reactions were great. Furthermore, after A Drive through Ciudad Juarez, Gregorio Serafino (cultural anthropologist, PhD) spoke about the situation in the most violent city in Mexico, three members of the All Reds Rugby team arrived from Rome to participate at the event and share their experiences regarding the issues presented in Red Lives, while Beyond Aporìa – a short audiovisual experiment about grassroots auto-representation and anti-militarism struggle in Quirra, Sardinia – was presented by the Sardinian anticolonialist collective Zenti Arrubia.

TheAudience at Q&A on Documentary Film Festival Berlin Mov(i)e Activism 2018 2018 edition of Berlin Mov(i)e Activism has been yet another great success, both considering the number of people that visited the festival as well as their reactions to the films and the festival in general. The visitors of the events were very interested in the concept of the festival, which allows enthusiasts from all around the world to contact the groups that are already organising the events and become part of the Mov(i)e Activism crew.

More than 300 guests entered the doors of the Bootshaus this year and additional seats were searched for on each of the three nights of the festival. The audience appreciated all the films and the discussions went in many different directions after the screenings. People stopped at the bar, engaged in passionate conversations and even started planning activities related to topics covered by the films.

Nevertheless, a special mention needs to go to The Factory is Ours!, its protagonist and the director. Dragutin Varga and Vedrana Pribačić were the guests of this edition of Berlin Mov(i)e Activism and the organisers arranged a Q&A session on which many questions regarding the film and the self-management model were raised. Even if the Q&A session lasted much more than planned, not all the questions could get an answer, unfortunately. But given the huge interest and the limited amount of time on this occasion, the organisers already mentioned a future collaboration with the duo and a possibility of organising further screening and presentations.