Warming up for Berlin Mov(i)e Activism 2018

After screening Strike a Rock and discussing with its director – Aliki Saragas – the social and racial injustices that the women of Marikana are enduring and fighting with great courage and strength, the Berlin team of the Documentary Film Festival Mov(i)e Activism is preparing the nest screening. This time in collaboration with FAU Berlin, the team just announced the date of their next event.

The factory is ours! at FAU-Lokal

Worker at a machine - photo for The Factory is OursOn 20 April 2018, the discourse will shift towards workers' rights and self-management practices. The Factory is Ours! portrays a group of workers that decided to fight for their factory. For them, this factory is much more than a mere working place. Since the factory has always been tightly connected with the life of the small city ever since its establishment in the 1960s, it soon became an important social and cultural element for its inhabitants.

However, after the war divided the country in the 1990s and the newly constituted Croatia started mutating in the direction of capitalist models of democracy, state-owned factories that were built and financed by the workers started falling into the hands of private businessmen. And as soon as this happened, a wicked privatisation scheme spread all across the country. The new owners would use the chance to make good money out of the companies without any investments. The scheme implies ruining the company, bringing it into bankruptcy, throwing the workers on the street, filing for insolvency and obtaining a quick profit by selling the land on the real-estate market.

But this time it didn't work out for the exploiters. The workers formed a resistance and fought for their factory. And they didn't only manage to stop the scheme; they gained ownership and established the first 100% worker-managed company in Croatia. In this 45' film, the workers explain the why and the how of their actions. Also, they describe what does it mean and how does it feel to be a worker and an owner of such factory.

The event will start at 19:00 with a short introduction to the historical and social context before the screening. After the screening, there will be time for spontaneous discussions. This event is a promo for the Berlin Documentary Film Festival Mov(i)e Activism 2018 and the film is part of the official selection of the festival.