Riga joins Mov(i)e Activism!

As cold and dark Eastern European winter slowly brings people inside of cosy places, many of citizens of Riga look for refuge in local cinemas. We can happily announce that Mov(i)e Activism’s documentary film caravan will also contribute to this issue since Kanepes Kulturas Centrs (Kanepe Culture Centre/KKC, Skolas Str. 15) – one of the most popular and liberal spots in whole capital of Latvia – joins the festival and will host a special selection of this year’s Mov(i)e Activism screenings.

KKC is a very special place in the very centre of Riga – a bar, dance hall, event space and cinema in one old building that hosts numerous unique events throughout the year (concerts, discussions, film screenings and more) and always attracts large crowds of open-minded people, both locals and foreigners alike. KKC team is known for their liberal approach to things and it is a great place where an exchange of new ideas happens constantly.

The audience of KKC’s cinema hall was already introduced to Mov(i)e Activism a few months ago when several screenings of first season’s films took place. The screenings were properly attended, sometimes filling all the seats in the hall. The first screening was a special one, since movies about one of the festival’s centres – Coimbra – were shown and the representative of Riga Mov(i)e Activism 2018, Justīne Vernera, gave a small introduction about the initiative and introduced the audience with her experiences in Coimbra that were later discussed with the audience where, surprisingly, even a few Portuguese people were met.

Now it’s the time for season two. On 5 evenings of January, KKC will screen 6 documentaries, dividing them by regions the films represent, respectively, Africa, Europe and the United States. Topics chosen include – citizen-initiative, squatting and feminism. Hopefully, stories from countries further down south will bring some excitement to the grey and dark reality of the Latvian winter.

Films selected for Riga Screenings:

Week 1 (Jan 9 and 11): Africa

Strike A Rock

How? Lucky + Skeikima

Week 2 (Jan 16 and 18): Europe

The Factory Is Ours

Red Lives

Week 3 (Jan 23): U.S.

Left On Pearl


Further information on events will be published at:



Crowd at the Mov(i)e Activism screening in Riga