Retrospective Screenings in Riga: Selection of Films from Season One

Alright, the Mov(i)e Activism family is growing! Not only the number of people interested in the films gets bigger, but also two more cities will host the events in the upcoming season. And Riga is the first of the new locations to raise the curtain. The organisation crew is already warming up for the big festival event. As a mean of introducing the documentary film festival Mov(i)e Activism to the public in Latvia, they put together a best-of-selection of films screened at the first season of the festival.

The human rights focussed cinema at the Kaņepes Kultūras centrs is the host of the screenings. Here the organising crew prepared several film nights for all the movie activists and sympathisers in the area. The first event took place on 17 October, when Justine briefly presented the concept of the festival as well as introduced the two films of the night by sharing her personal experience inside one of the student self-organised housings in Coimbran – Republicas. The films that opened the series were obviously All Aboard! and Praxis. Once again the two films were presented together to show the drastic differences inside the student society in the city, and to compare two completely different ways of organising community life.

The next two films selected from the first season playlist were Food Anarchy and Project A. These titles attracted many people and filled the bunker at Berlin Mov(i)e Activism 2017. Food distribution, industrialisation, war politics, housing…these are just some of many topics these films reflect upon in an interesting manner. It's not a surprise then that in Riga they were once again a true hit.

Coming up next in Riga

But the retrospective series is not over yet. Two more events are scheduled for the following week; with four films waiting for the screening. Tito on Ice, Fighter Against It, It Happened in the City and Plenumovie will bring to the table a wide variety of topics and will show some more glimpses of the atmosphere of the locations of out documentary film caravan. Don't miss the screenings on 24 and 26 October at Kino Kaņepes Kultūras centrs. Visit our Facebook page for further info.