Filmaktiv presents “Drunken Alley”, a documentary about a tiny alley and the Mediterranean way of life

Filmaktiv – a member of the Mov(i)e Activism organisation crew

Filmaktiv has been an active part of the organisation of the Mov(i)e Activism film festival since its beginnings. Through its cinematographic activities, this NGO from Rijeka (Croatia) promotes and develops an independent cultural scene. This, in turn, aims to encourage social changes in Rijeka, Croatia, and further. To do so, they talk about things public media usually avoid to cover, pushing for finding solutions to ignored problems.

For that matter, this collective full of creative enthusiasts produced quite an impressive series of documentaries. Some of them are The Settlers – Our New Neighbours with Guns, Plenumovie, The Waiting Point and “Rikard Benčić”, for example. These works cover various local and global issues, such as cultural and physical repression of ethnic groups; tendencies to commercialise education; student movements and their political activities; money as the paradigm of success; social changes in the transition process from a social system to capitalism; and many others.

Premiere of "Drunken Alleyon the opening of the Summer Art-Cinema in Rijeka

As a continuation of this thriving social engagement of the group, a new movie is right about to be premiered. The documentary Pijana ulica (English: Drunken Alley) will open the new season of the Summer Art-Cinema in Rijeka. On Wednesday, 14th of June, at 21:30, Marin Lukanović will present his new movie together with the whole Filmaktiv crew.

The story revolves around Jedrarska ulica (English: Sailmakers Street) – a small and almost unnoticeable passage in the city centre. The inhabitants of the largest port-town in the region call this hidden corner Drunken Alley. Here all kind of personalities from all social classes and backgrounds converge into a mixed mass of vividness and humour. This street bursts with life throughout the day and it represents perfectly the Mediterranean way of being and relating. Passionate discussions, music, games, kisses, laughter, and – above all – coexistent colourful contrasts are cornerstones of this ancient culture represented in the movie.

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