Warm-up party in Coimbra: the second edition of Mov(i)e Activism starts in October

As the first edition of the documentary film festival proceeds, the Mov(i)e Activism crew is already working on the next one. As you may have noticed, we are open for new applications now. You will have the possibility to submit your works for the second edition of the Documentary Film Festival Mov(i)e Activism until the 31st of July 2017. Furthermore, we are glad to announce the first location of the new season of the film festival. Coimbra Documentary Film Festival Mov(i)e Activism will be the first to raise the curtain in November 2017. But what kind of start would it be without a warm-up party, right? Therefore, our volunteers from Coimbra prepared a special event for you on Monday, 5th June. They organised the event in collaboration with the Real República Baco, as well as the bars ODD and Biafra Bambole.

A musical evening in the Mermaid Garden

The event will take place in the beautiful Parque de Santa Cruz, known as Jardim da Sereia, or Mermaid Garden. At 18:00 the local guitarist and songwriter Filipe Furtado will open the musical part of the night. Then the stage goes to a guest from Manchester, Pip Fluteman. This wandering minstrel, whose tour counts more than 20 cities already, draws inspiration directly from his journeys. These two performers will transport you through a wide array of sounds and styles, all the way from Jazz and Bossa Nova to Folk, Indie and other Latin and Classical styles.

Poster Projekt ADocumentary screening in the ODD bar 

After the concert is over, the show goes on in the ODD bar. Here you will have the occasion to watch the documentary film Projekt A. This German documentary tells a story about a group of people that believe in a different world and act to make it happen. In this world, natural and intellectual resources wouldn't be controlled by the state or other centralised structures. In this world, no human being would have power over another living being. Such deeply anarchist ideas are brought to existence by the protagonists of this movie through direct actions all over Europe. Also, this movie wants to break the stereotypes people often have towards anarchism in general.

So, come and join us in this celebration of activism, movies, music and freedom. These are the addresses of the event locations:

18:00 - Jardim da Sereia

Praça República 30, Coimbra (Portugal)

20:15 - ODD Bar

R. Alexandre Herculano 16, Coimbra (Portugal)