Valencia Mov(i)e Activism Film Festival is about to start

After a great start in Kragujevac and the stops in Coimbra and Rijeka, our film caravan arrives in Valencia. Here the crew from CSOA La Fusteria welcomed our team which is now ready to roll. We are going to screen the first of the seven movies of our documentary festival today at 20:00.

We are opening the Valencia Mov(i)e Activism 2017 tackling a topic of utmost importance with GMO the Debate (Bulgaria). In a time when lobbies of the multinational corporations are pushing ever more persistently by creating alliances with governments and using all kinds of propaganda tactics, when lay supporters of opposing movements use ever more often unproved facts and half-truths as arguments, there is hardly a better way to encourage people to think with their own heads and value the facts than a movie that shows the developments of the ongoing debate. Furthermore, the director tackles critical aspects of the issue from a strictly objective standpoint. By doing so, he stimulates the viewer to evaluate the situation in complete freedom, without interfering in any way.

However, this is only the first of the three movies we will be screening In Valencia tonight. GMO the Debate is one of the three movies that constitute the section of the festival named Food Sovereignty. The other two movies of this category are Happy Without Money (Germany) and Food Anarchy (Slovenia). We are going to screen the movies in original language with subtitles in order to preserve the original flavour and rhythm.

Other dates and movies of the Valencia Mov(i)e Activism 2017

Finally, the other dates of the Spanish edition of the documentary film festival are 31 May and 3 June. People’s Train of Culture (Chile/España), SUMUD (Palestina/España), In the City (Italia), and the special screening  All Aboard! (Portugal/Spain) are the movies that are waiting for you in El Cabanyal.


CSOA La Fusteria
Calle de José Benlliure 212
El Cabanyal, Valencia (Spain)

Starting date

24 May 2017 at 20:00